Wimp or Warrior Lessons


Wimp or Warrior Lessons

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These 6 Wimp and Warrior lessons will challenge yours kids to be a warrior for Jesus every day. Children receive weekly certificates for completing weekly challenges.  They are challenged to eventually read a chapter a day in God’s Word.  The goal is to start forming a habit by first just touching the Bible each day for 7 days until the next challenge.  They are a must for your kids curriculum and children's ministry.

  • Lesson  1 Warriors read the Bible! (Introduction)
  • Lesson  2 Don’t Quit! (Tag Team)
  • Lesson  3 Cry Out! (Flap Team)
  • Lesson  4 Lefty! (Crack Team)
  • Lesson  5 Fleece Man. (Versity Team)
  • Lesson  6 TenWimps and Two Warriors (Carry Team)

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