A meal with Pastor James and Sharon in which he shares the vision of Red Church, and explains who we are.  This is a two and a half hour class.

Want to win in your life? This 4-week course is for you.
We examine the foundations of the Bible and allow you to connect with the leadership team here at Red Church.

Session One - Vision and Play Book (Red Church Vision, Inspiration of the Scriptures)                                                                                                         Session Two - Divine Healing and Miracles, Authority and Power for believers, Holy Spirit Baptism                                                  Session Three - Last things of this Age (Rapture, Resurrection of dead, Glorified bodies), Worship                                                   Session Four - Becoming a Contagious Christian, Finding my Ministry


Session One – Call of Christ, Being a Servant, Personal Devotion
Session Two – One True God, Deity of Christ, Absolute Authority of Christ
Session Three – God’s Will, Blood of Christ
Session Four – Hope, Faith, Perseverance
Session Five – Spirit/Soul/Body, Places of Departed Spirits, Location of the Lost
Session Six – Spiritual Authority, False Religious Systems

Our world is in desperate need of good spiritual leaders.  We explore the essentials needed to become an influential leader that leads in the family, the church, and the work force.
Session One - The need for leadership
Session Two - The call to leadership
Session Three - The power of character
Session Four - The characteristics of leadership