Seasonal Messages


Seasonal Messages

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These 7 Seasonal Lessons contain lessons for Palm Sunday, Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween Alternative, Missions Emphasis and two lessons for Christmas.  I totally love teaching these lessons every year and kids get energized listening and participating in God’s Word. They are a must for your children's ministry and kids church team.

  • Lesson  1  Go! (Mission Emphasis)                                   
  • Lesson  2  The Plan Unfolded.(Palm Sunday)                   
  • Lesson  3  Victory! (Easter Sunday)                                
  • Lesson  4  Little Robe, Lot of God.(Mother’s Day)          
  • Lesson  5  Dry Bones! (Halloween Alternative)               
  • Lesson  6  One Baaaad Story.(Christmas)                      
  • Lesson  7  Check It Out! (Christmas) 

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